Current GGSB Students

Current GGSB Students


Advani, AlexAlex Advani

Long Lab

Elucidating the role of young genes in development: From function to phenotype






Jordan Brown

Heng-Chi Lee Lab






Chi,WanhaoWanhao Chi

Xiaoxi Zhuang Lab

Genetic and Neural Mechanisms of PNPO Deficiency in Epilepsy




Ryan Dohn

Basu Lab





Alex Guzzetta

Moskowitz Lab

Investigating gene regulatory networks underlying early cardiogenesis




Knoblauch, Nickolas1Nicholas Knoblauch

He Lab




Charlie Lang

Munro Lab

Interested in asymmetric cell divisions in early C. elegans development



Lee, UnJin1Unjin Lee

Long Lab

Functional Evolution of New Essential Genes in Drosophila melanogaster



Lenneman BryanBryan Lenneman

Rothman-Denes Lab

Mechanisms of N4 middle gene transcription initiation




Briana Mittleman

Gilad Lab




Lindsey MontefioriLindsey Montefiori

Nobrega Lab

3D genome organization, gene regulation, mechanism of enhancer function

Recent publications:

Montefiori L, Wuerffel R, Roqueiro D, Lajoie B, Guo C, Gerasimova T, De S, Wood W, Becker KG, Dekker J, Liang J, Sen R, Kenter AL. Extremely long-range chromatin loops link topological domains to facilitate a diverse antibody repertoire. Cell Rep 2016

Gerasimova T, Guo C, Ghosh A, Qiu S, Montefiori L, Verma-Gaur J, Choi NM, Feeney AJ, Sen R. A structural hierarchy mediated by multiple nuclear factors establishes IgH locus conformation. Genes Dev 2015


Morgan Jr.,Roy

Roxroy Morgan

Kee Lab





Sahar Mozaffari

Ober Lab

My research interests focus on identifying the contribution of genetic variation to complex traits.

Gamazon ER, Wheeler HE, Shah KP, Mozaffari SV, Aquino-Michaels K, Carroll RJ, Eyler AE, Denny JC, Nicolae DL, Cox NJ, Im HK: A gene-based association method for mapping traits using reference transcriptome data. Nat Genet 2015:1–10


Yeonwoo Park

Thornton Lab





B&W%202Diedre Reitz

Bishop Lab

My research is focused on investigating the molecular mechanisms by which cells achieve reductional segregation of homologous chromosomes during meiosis I.


Philipp Ross

Adams Lab




Reyes Ruiz, Leila1

Leila Reyes-Ruiz

Crosson Lab

Two-component system regulation of surface attachment in Caulobacter crescentus



RogersMary Rogers

Tong-Chuan He Lab





Soliai, Marcus1
Marcus Soliai

Ober Lab &  Lynch Lab

Exploring genetic and epigenetic responses of cultured nasal epithelial cells to viral and bacterial stimuli in chronic rhinosinutis (CRS) patients and controls.



Wu, Chudong1
Catherine Wu

Rebay Lab





Hanxin Zhang

Rzhetsky Lab




Zhang,ZijieScott Zhang

Chuan He Lab