Mathematical/Computational Biology

Mathematical/Computational Biology


Di RienzoAnna Di Rienzo

Professor, Department of Human Genetics

Amount of patterns of genetic variation in human populations.


drummond-headshot-2012aAllan D. Drummond

Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Spectrum, frequency and consequences of errors in protein synthesis, sensing and response to misfiled proteins.


_w1FCOdm Yoav Gilad

Professor, Department of Human Genetics

Understanding gene regulatory processes and elucidating the genetic architecture of human-specific traits including disease.

Jack_Gilbert_(1)Jack Gilbert

Professor, Department of Surgery

I am interested in microbial ecology, especially the metabolic and signaling reactions between bacteria and their environment, and how communities of microorganisms establish in new environments.


12709Robert Grossman

Professor, Department of Medicine

Biomedical informatics, data intensive computing, big data, data science, cloud computing, and related areas.


PIXin He

Assistant Professor, Department of Human Genetics

Computational and statistical methods for identification of genes involved in complex diseases and for regulatory genomics.




Hae Kyung Im

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine

Development of statistical methods to make sense of large amounts of genomic and other high dimensional data. Current focus is in the integration of GWAS and functional genomics studies and prediction of complex traits to understand the biology of complex traits.



longManyuan Long

Professor, Department of Ecology & Evolution

New gene evolution: the rates and patterns, the impact of new genes on protein networks, the functional and phenotypic effects; species-specific development and developmental evolution; other problems of genome evolution. Drosophila as experimental systems; in silico genomics of animals and plants.


mcpeek_marysara192x246Mary Sara McPeek

Professor, Department of Statistics

Applications of probability and statistics to genetics; complex trait mapping; counting-process models for genetic recombination.


ed for ggsb websiteEd Munro

Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology

Actomyosin network dynamics and contractility; cell polarization; tissue morphogenesis; computational cell and developmental biology.


Novembre,JohnJohn Novembre

Associate Professor, Department of Human Genetics

Computational approaches to study processes that shape human genetic diversity

Ober head shot_8-2014_1Carole Ober

Professor, Department of Human Genetics

Complex trait genetics; QTL mapping; asthma; fertility




price_trevor_1Trevor Price

Professor, Department of Ecology & Evolution

Genetics of speciation, including molecular studies of gene flow, quantitative genetics of sexually selected traits, and comparative analyses using molecular phylogenies.

rebay_10_06_1Ilaria Rebay

Professor, Ben May Department for Cancer Research

Transcriptional regulatory circuitries in development and disease; Receptor tyrosine kinase signal transduction.



reinitz_john192x246John Reinitz

Professor, Department of Statistics

My laboratory is engaged in a long term project to understand how DNA sequence specifies biological form. We are interested not only in the specification of typical form by a typical genome, but also in the effects of variability. Such variability might take the form of genetic variation in a population or intrinsic fluctuations in an individual. These problems touch on issues central to developmental and evolutionary biology, and efforts to solve them have previously led to the development of new branches of mathematics.


rust_bwMichael Rust

Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology

Biophysical and biochemical study of the architecture and robustness of biological systems; cyanobacterial circadian clock.


10517Andrey Rzhetsky

Professor, Department of Medicine

Analysis of complex molecular networks for understanding common phenotypes.




13972Barbara Stranger

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine

Human population genomics, transcriptome variation, disease genetics, evolution



wu_c_200x193Chung-I Wu

Professor, Department of Ecology & Evolution

Speciation, genomics, evolutionary genetics, molecular population genetics, sexual selection.