GGSB Computational Track Coursework


Suggested “tracks” for students interested in concentrating in the Computational Biology Track have been developed by the CSAC. (Population Genetics & Evolution, Statistical Genetics, Computational Genomics, and Computational Cell Biology) A summary of the four suggested tracks is given in Appendix B.  Students are required to consult with their assigned mentor prior to registration each quarter.

For additional information please click here to view the Doctoral Training in Computational Genomics website.


Three Required Courses in Computational Biology and Statistics:  

Statistical Theory and Methods I AND Fundamentals of Computational Biology: Models and Inference AND Fundamentals of Computational Biology: Algorithms and Applications

 Plus Three  Core Elective Courses Chosen from the Following List:   

Human Genetics I  OR Genetic Analysis of Model Organisms OR Introductory Statistical Genetics OR Principles of Population Genetics I  OR Evolution of Biological Molecules OR Biophysics of Biomolecules OR Human Variation and Disease OR Genomics and Systems Biology OR  Quantitative Analysis of Biological Dynamics

Plus Two [2] Additional Elective Courses Chosen From the Following List:  

Fundamentals of Cell and Molecular Biology OR Applied Linear Statistical Methods OR Topics in Statistical Machine Learning OR Computational Systems Biology OR Mathematical Computation I – Matrix Computation OR Introduction to Scientific Computing for Biologists OR  Fundamentals of Genetics OR Statistical Theory and Methods II OR Multivariate Statistical Analysis: Applications and Techniques OR Theoretical Ecology OR Pattern Recognition OR Bayesian Analysis and Principles of Statistics OR Statistical Genetics OR Machine Learning  

Computational Track Course Electives [5 courses]:

  • Students may petition the CSAC for approval of courses not listed in this handbook as “approved”.
  • At least 4 of the 5 electives are to be taken before the Preliminary Exam.
  • All 5 electives should be taken before the Qualifying Exam.
  • One of the 5 elective courses may be taken pass/fail subject to CSAC approval.


Click below for a list of GGSB course descriptions, elective and student tracks: