New Course Welcomes UChicago Grad Students to MBL for Two-Week Intensive

Dec 1, 2022
By Emily Greenhalgh

Nematostella imaged during the course. 

Credit: Emily Fogarty

For more than a century, MBL courses have connected and inspired scientists and students from around the world. Now, a new intensive training program based on those courses introduces graduate students at the University of Chicago (UChicago) to one of MBL’s most popular offerings—the Embryology Advanced Research Training Course.

“One of the great things about the MBL courses is they make people brave,” said course co- director Victoria Prince, an integrative biology professor at UChicago.   “They’ve learned they can have an idea and be on the microscope and doing it that day. Maybe it works. Maybe sometimes it fails. But they’re learning about the process and learning to be less hesitant to try new things.”

The inaugural program, affectionately titled the “Mini-Embryology Course,” brought 10 advanced graduate students from UChicago to the MBL for two weeks for an intensive, hands-on laboratory experience.  READ MORE...