Brian J. Popko

Research Summary
Dr. Popko's laboratory has a long-standing interest in the glial cells of the nervous system, particularly in those responsible for the formation of the myelin sheath. These interests range from a basic understanding of the myelination process to disease mechanisms, genetic and acquired, that disrupt this critical component of the nervous system. The genetic mouse models utilized by the Popko lab have been instrumental in expanding knowledge of the myelination process and of demyelinating disorders. Over the past two decades, Dr. Popko's studies have contributed to our understanding of myelin-specific proteins and lipids that play critical roles in myelin formation and maintenance. His lab also has a keen interest in the effect of the inflammatory response on myelinating cells, which is of critical importance to the pathogenesis of immune-mediated demyelinating disorders.
myelin, glial cells, oligodendrocytes, Schwann Cells, mouse models, demyelination, remyelination
  • Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA, Bsc Microbiology and immunology 06/1980
  • University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami, FL, PhD Microbiology and immunology 12/1985
  • California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, Postdoctoral Fellow Molecular Neuroscience 04/1988
Biosciences Graduate Program Association
Awards & Honors
  • 1991 - 1993 Neuroscience Research Fellowship Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
  • 1993 - 1998 Research Career Development Award NIH
  • 1993 - Jordi Folch-Pi Award American Society for Neurochemistry
  • 1998 - Kenan Research and Study Leave University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • 2002 - pres Jack Miller Professorship in Neurological Disorders The University of Chicago
  • 2003 - Grass Traveling Scientist Society for Neuroscience
  • 2004 - pres Member Faculty of 1000
  • 2012 - Paul and Mindy Purcell Translational Medicine Award Myelin Repair Foundation
  • 2017 - pres Editorial Board Member Glia
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