Faculty and Trainers

Professor, Medicine-Computational Biomedicine and Biomedical Data Science
Professor, Org.Bio./Anatomy
The Schmidt-Ott lab uses experimental and genomic approaches to study the evolution of embryogenesis in flies, including midges and mosquitoes (Diptera). We seek to...
Professor, BSD Academic Admin
I seek to understand the mechanisms behind the evolutionary origin of new anatomical features and faunas. The philosophy that underlies all of my empirical work is...
Professor, Human Genetics
Our group is interested in understanding how the architecture of the genome contributes to the specificity and robustness of the gene expression programs that govern...
Professor, BSD Basic Sciences Chairman
Our goal is to understand the mechanism and regulation of nuclear pre-mRNA splicing, an essential step in eukaryotic gene expression. Pre-mRNA splicing is catalyzed by...
Assistant Professor, Ecology & Evolution
In my research, I develop computational and statistical methods for population genomics analysis to investigate the forces underlying evolution and genetic variation in...
Professor , Statistics
My lab works on a wide variety of problems at the interface of Statistics and Genetics. We often tackle problems where novel statistical methods are required, or can...
Associate Professor, Biochem/Mol Bio
Professor, Ecology & Evolution
My lab studies the mechanisms by which protein functions evolve. We do this by phylogenetically reconstructing the histories of ancient proteins and then synthesizing...
Professor, Mol Gen/Cell Bio
A network of membrane-bound organelles, interconnected by dynamic vesicular traffic, is a defining hallmark of eukaryotes. Our laboratory studies membrane traffic in...