Faculty and Trainers

Professor, Ecology & Evolution
My lab studies the mechanisms by which protein functions evolve. We do this by phylogenetically reconstructing the histories of ancient proteins and then synthesizing...
Professor, Mol Gen/Cell Bio
A network of membrane-bound organelles, interconnected by dynamic vesicular traffic, is a defining hallmark of eukaryotes. Our laboratory studies membrane traffic in...
Professor, Ecology & Evolution
Assistant Professor, Ben May Department
The Yang Lab is battling on the frontiers of precision medicine. We focus mostly on human cancer, and are also interested in non-cancer human diseases as well. We...
Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
How our brain is developed and evolved remains a major question in biology, and abnormal development of the human brain can cause autism, epilepsy and intellectual...
Professor, Neurobiology
We investigate the molecular machinery underlying synaptic plasticity and information processing in the brain. We are especially interested in synaptic mechanisms...