Briana Mittleman
Graduate Student, Yoav Gilad Lab
GGSB at UChicago has provided me a strong, supportive environment to develop my scientific skills and enter the academic community in which I hope to work for many years to come. Between professors and other graduate students, you always have a community to ask questions and discuss new ideas. As each day passes, I am more confident that my decision to come to UChicago for graduate school was right.
Sahar Mozaffari
Sahar Mozaffari
Graduate Student Trainee in the laboratory of Carole Ober
"When I first interviewed, I knew I wanted to be here. The students I met were happy and the city of Chicago provided endless opportunities. I had quite a few interests coming in so I chose the GGSB program. With its wide range of faculty it was a flexible option where I had the chance to rotate in labs from different departments. " Sahar Mozaffari