Seminar Speaker Schedule 2016-2017

2016 – 2017 Seminar Speaker Schedule

Tuesdays, 4:00 p.m.

Cummings Life Science Center, Room 101 920 E. 58th Street

"Visualization and evolution of transcriptional enhancers in animal development"

**January 10, 2017 Michael Levine Princeton University Hosts: Lindsey Montefiori & Vinny Lynch

"Functional variation in the human genome: lessons from the transcriptome"

February 7, 2017 Tuuli Lappalainen NY Genome Center & Columbia University Hosts: Marcus Soliai & Barbara Stranger

"A nervous system-wide view of the gene regulatory programs that specify the nervous system"

March 7, 2017 Oliver Hobert Columbia University Hosts: Charlie Lang & Ellie Heckscher

"Evolution and constraint of gene expression in early Drosophila development"

**March 14, 2017 Susan Lott  University of California, Davis Hosts: Sahar Mozaffari & Marty Kreitman

"Correlated mutations and homologous recombination in bacteria"

**April 4, 2017 Edo Kussell  New York University  Hosts: UnJin Lee & Manyuan Long

"Adventures in viral genomics" 

**April 11, 2017  Moriah Szpara The Pennsylvania State University Hosts: Philipp Ross & Sarah Cobey

"Mechanisms of DNA double-strand break repair"

**May 9, 2017  Lorraine Symington   Columbia University Hosts: Diedre Reitz & Doug Bishop

** Co-Sponsored by the Genetics & Regulation Training Grant