Covid-19 Shifting Research Priorities: Expand Your Perspective Podcast with Chris Stamper and Linsin Smith

Oct 23, 2020
By University of Chicago

In Episode 3 of the Expand Your Perspective Podcast, "Coronavirus and COVID-19: Shifting Research Priorities" Immunology graduate student Chris Stamper talks about how his lab shifted the focus of their antibody research to deepen our understanding of the coronavirus and aid in the development of a vaccine. 

Expand Your Perspective Podcast is a new podcast from the University of Chicago that highlights the exciting research of graduate students and postdocs. Each episode brings together students from different perspectives to discuss their work in an interdisciplinary forum. Hosted by two members of the UChicago GRAD professional development team, Dr. Michael O’Toole and Linsin Smith (Genetics, Genomics and Systems Biology), this podcast is intended to provide an exciting opportunity for students to showcase their work and for listeners to learn more about the groundbreaking research that goes on at UChicago