GGSB Student UnJin Lee part of the EE Just Working Group

Apr 20, 2018
By Angela Wells O'Connor

Just tribute: Honoring the legacy of pioneering biologist Ernes Everett Just, PhD 1916

Ernest Everett Just, PhD, spent only three academic quarters on the University of Chicago campus. A professor at Howard University and a research assistant at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, he was pursuing his PhD in zoology in absentia and needed to fulfill the residency requirement.

Despite his brief physical presence on campus, the research he conducted for his dissertation on the fertilization of marine worms – including a key discovery about cell cleavage – made a lasting contribution to the body of knowledge in embryology.

Members of the E.E. Just Working Group include graduate students Sophia Carryl, left, Victoria Flores, Daniela Palmer, Shane DuBay and Unjin Lee.