Alexander Advani, PhD
"Reading-Frame Shift Mechanisms of Introducing Genetic Novelty to the Human Genome", 2020
Advisor: Manyuan Long, PhD
Current Position: Consultant at Corsica Life Sciences Consulting
David Arnolds, MD, PhD (ISTP Program)
"Transcriptional Control of Cardiac Conduction System Development and Function", 2012
Advisor: Ivan Moskowitz, MD, PhD
Current Position: Clinicial Assistant Professor of Anesthesia, University of Michigan
Chaitanya Bandlamudi, PhD
“Discovery and characterization of novel somatic and widespread inherited polymorphic fusion genes in humans”, 2016
Advisor: Kevin White, PhD
Current Position: Assistant Attending at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Kenneth Barr, PhD
“Decoding cis-regulation of the Drosophila even-skipped locus with physical-chemical models and synthetic enhancers”, 2017
Advisor: John Reinitz, PhD
Current Position: Postdoctoral Scholar, Yoav Gilad Lab, The University of Chicago
John Blischak, PhD
"Investigating Susceptibility to Tuberculosis Using Functional Genomics Approaches", 2016
Advisor: Yoav Gilad, PhD
Current Position: Freelance Scientific Software Developer
Justin Chew, PhD (ISTP Program)
"Vulnerability to Molecular Noise Constrains the Architecture of Bacterial Clocks", 2017
Advisor: Michael Rust, PhD
Current Position: Medical Student, Pritzker School of Medicine
Veronica Cloud, PhD
“The Roles of Rad51 and DMC1 in Meiosis and Recombination Partner Choice”, 2013
Advisor: Douglas Bishop, PhD
Current Position: Senior Scientist, R.D. Mohan Laboratory, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Karen Deak, PhD
“Long-distance signals in Arabidopsis thaliana”, 2008
Advisor: Jocelyn Malamy. PhD
Current Position: Academic Advancement Director, Research Innovation and the IDEA Center - University of Notre Dame
Jacob Degner, PhD
“Computational Approaches to Understanding Gene Regulation”, 2000
Advisor: Jonathan Pritchard, PhD
Current Position: Senior Scientist, Bioinformatics and Statistics, Pharmacogentics and Pharmocogenomics, AbbVie
Darlene Douglas, PhD
“A forward genetic approach to peripheral nerve dysfunction”, 2008
Advisor: Brian Popko, PhD
Current Position: Science Teacher, Willows Academy