Faculty and Trainers

Professor, Biochem/Mol Bio
Our laboratory is interested in the molecular signals that are used by the immune system to distinguish healthy from unhealthy tissue. Many of our projects focus on “...
Associate Professor, Medicine-Genetic Medicine
Our lab aims to understand how natural selection has contributed to the evolution of our species and to which extent past selection events impact present-day...
Assistant Professor, Medicine-Genetic Medicine
We are an interdisciplinary research group that combines expertise from physics, genomics, molecular biology and materials science to study complex biological systems...
Professor, Medicine-Endocrinology
Dr. Bell's research program focuses on the genetics of diabetes and other metabolic disorders.
Currently not accepting students.
Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
Many of the traits that we care about, as evolutionary biologists, human geneticists, or simply as human beings, are genetically complex. This means that genetic...
Professor, Ecology and Evolution
We study the ecology and evolution of plant – pathogen interactions, focusing primarily on Arabidopsis thaliana and the bacteria that reside within it. Our approach is...
Professor, Radiation & Cellular Oncology
Homologous recombination repairs DNA damage, facilitates DNA replication, and creates the physical connections between chromosomes needed for reductional chromosome...
Assistant Professor, Medicine-Hospital Medicine
Ishanu Chattopadhyay’s research focuses on the theory of unsupervised machine learning and the interplay of stochastic processes and formal language theory in exploring...
Assistant Professor, Medicine-Genetic Medicine
My primary research is driven by the need for powerful statistical methods to address the challenges those technologies have posed for data analysis and interpretation...
Assistant Professor, Pritzker Institute for Molecular Engineering
Our research aims to uncover the grammar – or general rules – governing how successful immune responses work to stop an infection or remove diseased cells while keeping...